The Marchetti Chain Cutter is an automatic machine to make chains to length. There are several different modes to cut the links. Length can be set up easily in the control module.


High Efficiency


Electronic control of length

Reduction in labour costs

High output


Conveyor and chain drawing unit

Control panel with digital display for setting chain length and piece number once the chain has been cut to length for the set number of pieces, the machine stops automatically

Adjustable chain pun eject, offering simultaneous ejection of one pin, including of link components

Chain collector and unloading group into suitable a container (tray, trolley, etc.)

Easy chain changing

Optional: fully automatic unloading system for re-winding the chain on a roll


Air pressure: min. 6 bar

Air consumption: 15 I/min

Electrical connection: 400V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 2 kW

Sound level: < 70 dB

Safety mark: CE

Dimensions (l × w × h): 1500 × 850 × 600 mm

Weight: 300 kg